Top things that many people overlook while buying a home

We understand that buying a home is never an easy task. You are already excited in buying the right 2 BHK flats in Thanisandra, on top of that you have to make sure that the apartment is also safe for everyone in your family. Things such as the room size, location, amenities, are some of the aspects. However, there are a few other important things to consider before you pay your deposit for the flat. Read on and know about them:

Connectivity and Mobile Network

What is the use of buying a new house if it doesn’t let you stay connected with your friends and family? So, before buying a new house, make sure that your area is well connected with the main road and you will not suffer when it comes to road connectivity. Also, check for mobile network as well. These things are important. 

Is it safe for your child?

The next important thing to do is to know whether the location you have chosen for the 2 bhk apartment in Thanisandra is safe for your kids or not. Check the stairs, how sharp are the edges, what kind of locks are being used for the doors, and more. All these things will give you peace of mind and you will be sure that your will be safe here. 


The 2 BHK flat near Manyata Tech park that you have picked for yourself, does the society has a swimming pool, gym, how about recreational areas for kids? Your apartment should have proper garbage disposal, clean, CCTV camera, and 24 x 7 hours of security. Talk to your builder about all these things before you buy a property from them. 

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