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Bangalore is the main center for residential market investors

This locality in Bangalore is a well-organized commercial and residential hub. It has excellent social infrastructure facilities which include reputed technical and management schools. Public transport ensures smooth walking in other parts of the city. The area has a commercial center due to the presence of various coaching centers and software training institutes, thus, becoming a preferred destination for students. The well-developed infrastructure for bus services, hospitals, and shopping malls creates a comfortable lifestyle. That’s why flats for sale in Whitefield are in high demand.

It is a quiet neighborhood in the city and is slowly emerging as a business center. With the availability of quality social infrastructure, Whitefield is famous for popular destinations such as hospitals and international schools. The presence of international banking institutions and IT companies has led to an increase in rental demand in the region. Road and rail connectivity is fine in the region with good public transport provided by government buses. 2 BHK apartments in Whitefield are in high demand by the people.

It refers to the quality of life of a family or a person, they can enjoy living in that specific area. It is calculated on important criteria including location, value, facilities, physical and social infrastructure, projects, developers’ operations, etc. 3 BHK apartments in Whitefield are luxurious flats designed by the developers.

Traditionally recognized as a commercial market, Bangalore’s residential sector is slowly gaining prominence. In fact, Hi-Tech City has become a hot favorite among high net-worth individuals as it is the most preferred and more attractive neighborhood. The residential market is driven by a mix of investors and end-users. Some experts have listed the growth drivers which is affecting the real estate market in Bangalore. Low cost of living, healthy end-user demand and adequate availability of budget homes have made Bangalore one of the most affordable housing markets among tier-1 cities.
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